Growing Houseplants » X Fatshedera lizei  -  Tree Ivy A bi-generic hybrid between Fatsia and Hedera 

Fatshedera variegated foliage


The Plant: Lush foliage plant bearing shiny hand-shaped leaves of emerald green with lighter gold veining. The Tree Ivy plant is a result of a cross between the Fatsia and a Hedera.

As well as being a good general purpose houseplant, Fatshedera lizei is good for shrub borders or as specimen plant in container outdoors - being quite hardy. It may need cutting back hard from time to time, otherwise this evergreen may become a bit too leggy!

Its needs: X Fatshedera prefers to be grown in shade or semi-shade conditions, but with good circulation of air, and a moist cool atmosphere. A well-draining, fertile potting mix is advised.

Care: During the growing season the Tree Ivy should be watered very well once a week, and fed every 2 – 3 weeks. Reduce watering in winter to every 3 weeks, without feed. Whilst cool conditions are preferred, X Fatshedera can tolerate warmth. Either way this plant grows vigorously and should be trimmed to shape regularly. It can be trained to grow up a pole or mini trellis, or grown as a bushy shrub resembling a Fatsia. Watch out for red spider mite, scale pest and aphids.

Good for: Lush, vigorous growth, vibrant evergreen foliage, attractive, but could get quite big quite quickly!

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