About Landscape Gardening - Tips and Advice 

This area and the links will give you landscape gardening tips and much of the advice and help you require for your own landscape gardening project. 

Design and build your own landscape garden! There are many aspects to landscape gardening - several different 'skills' are needed to build your own landscaped garden.

Hopefully, these projects will take you through the whole process of landscaping - from designing your own garden to to completed job - not that a garden is ever completed of course!

The main bit of advice must be to 'take your time' in all aspects of Landscape Gardening. Whatever you build or install, has the potential to be with you for the rest of your life. get your landscape project, designed properly, and do not move forward until you have seen what it looks like on the ground.

 If you need any further help with your garden landscape project, then please contact us with your landscape query.

Design Your Own Garden - Not the impossible task it might seem - especially with our helpful guide and tips! Take your time; be innovative; involve everyone; agree basics; be flexible!

  • Brickwork in the garden How to do brickwork in your own garden. The basis of many good landscape features is good brickwork. There was a time when brickwork was an essential part of any landscape gardening scheme. Times and fashions move on. In the case of brickwork, cost has been a factor in its seeming lack of popularity. Good brickwork will add emphasis, and is versatile to be included in most landscape designs.
  •  Building a Garden Deck - Many things need to be taken into consideration when deciding upon a deck. Not least, the changing weather patterns which seem to be altering our general approach to the garden and how to best use it.
  • How To Build a Rockery - Rockeries were the traditional way of hiding a heap of rubbish or rubble, but they can be a feature in their own right.
  • Building a Pergola - Practical advice
  •  A few useful figures to save messing about with the calculator - or having to ask the kids! Metric it might be, but many still think and work imperial. These should help.
  • Curves in the garden - Borders and areas with a hose pipe!
  •    - Job vacancies notified to Gardenseeker. Most landscape gardeners are well accounted for with staff, but there is always demand for well experienced skilled workers in the landscape gardening sector. It is not all glamour - far from it.  Work carries on in most weather conditions and all seasons these days!

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By David Hughes - info@gardenseeker.com