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Garden Shrubs Beginning with N - a-z Letter listing

Nandina; Neillia; Nerium; Notospartium:

nandina domestica flowers






Nandina - our featured 'N' shrub -  is normally grown for the interesting evergreen - sometimes coloured - foliage. As can be seen here, the flowers are also attractive.

Nandina domestica Firepower

Nandina - Heavenly or Japanese Bamboo: - Attractive evergreen pinnate foliage on this generally hardy shrub. Best for sheltered position in colder areas. Flowers are followed by bright red round fruits on some varieties.



Neillia: -  Fully hardy deciduous shrubs with attractive pink flowers in late Spring.


nerium - Oleander - Pink flowered shrub

Nerium - Oleander: -  Non hardy, but can be grown outside in good UK summer. Best grown under glass protection, but do not over-water. Lanceolate evergreen foliage with white, pink or red flowers. Very showy.



Notospartium:- Unusual shrub in that is does not have (visible) leaves! Erect growth with typical 'pea' flowers - normally pink/purple. Need frost free environment, dry and with plenty of sun.



By David Hughes -