Growing Fruit in pots - containers. 

Most fruit can be grown well in a pot on a patio - or even on a balcony. Here's how!

Fruit trees – like most shrubs and small tree – can be grown well in containers or large pots. Growing apples pears and cherries in pots is particularly good if you have a small garden, or even a balcony!

Fruit tree grown in pots – any containers – will remain small, because of the root restriction of growing in a pot. However, the fruit can often be near same size as those grown on a tree that is grown in the open ground. It will help if you thin out the overcrowded trusses of apples, pears or cherries early in the year.

Pollination may be just a little bit of a problem if the container is grown on a patio or on balcony! This is simply because any pollinating insect will prefer to gather – and spread – pollen in a more plentiful area! So – unless you use a family tree, it might be better to plant a few varieties that will cross pollinate. In the case of apples, if there is a crab apple nearby, then pollination probably will not be an issue with any grown in a pot or container.

With peaches and nectarines, they are generally self-fertile so pollination need not be considered a problem. The same goes for all of the grape varieties. Figs, Plums, Olives, Blueberries and Cherries can all be grown in pots without the need for pollinators. For the beginner, please remember that an apple has to be pollinated with another suitable apple tree. A Pear will not do the trick!

Type of Pot or Container

Clay pots or half barrels are usually good, because of their stability. They are much heavier than plastic pots– but plastic pots hold moisture better. Do not think of growing your fruit tree in the container it was grown in at the garden centre of nursery. You will need a bigger pot.

An Olive tree grown in a pot. It will not get big enough to bear fruit, but it is a gargeous addition to the patio

That’s it! Enjoy Growing your your Fruit tree in a pot!

By David Hughes -