Garden Ponds and Aquatics Supplies in Liverpool

Pond Fish and Plants

Smithdown Aquarium. 357 Smithdown Rd., Liverpool, L15 3JJ | 01517 331106

Wavertree Nook Aquarium Centre. 67 Wavertree Nook Rd., Liverpool L15 7LF | 01517 223506 Fax: 01514 752487

A1 Vale Aquatics. 485 Rice Lane, Liverpool L9 8AP
Tel/Fax: 01515 253337

Lister Drive Fisheries. The Old Swimming Baths, 5 Lister Drive, Liverpool L13 7HH | 01512 204864

Neptune Aquatics - Ponds. Unit 1, Sefton Lane Industrial Estate, Liverpool L31 8BX | Tel/Fax: 01515 260200

Hillfoot Aquaria. 139 Hillfoot Rd., Liverpool L25 0ND | 01514 489111

Maidenhead Aquatics. Sefton Lane, Liverpool L31 8BT | 01515 318886 Fax: 01515 318890

Elite Aquatics - Ponds. 54 Derby Rd., Kirkdale, Liverpool L20 8EA | 01519 441144

Freshfield Water Gardens & Aquaria. Moss Side Formby, Liverpool L37 0AE
01704 877964 Fax: 01704877964


Recent additions.

Brugmansia Angels TrumpetBrugmansia - The Angels Trumpets shrub for a stunning display in summer.
If the flowers look good, they have the added advantage of scent!

Houttuynia ChameleonThe Chameleon Plant - Houttuynia cordata Chameleon is a colourful perennial for a damp place - or near the pond

Lupin mixtureLupins are the all-time favourite for cottage gardens, but are welcome in any border - sun or dappled shade. A great colourful perennial.

Cleome Spider Flower PlantCleome hassleriana the Spider Flower. A hardy annuals which grows to 5ft (1.5m) in the season!

Close up of Daffodil flowers
How to Care for your Daffodils

Wisteria close up
Climbing Plants

***Wisteria to prune this month of February***


Striped Lawn
Care for your Lawn

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