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Hedera - Growing Ivy indoors as a houseplant.

The Plant: There are several species of ivy suitable for growing indoors, small leaved ones are preferable, and can be variegated in gold and green or silver and green, or plain green. Ivies are evergreen in nature, keeping their leaves all year round. If they lose their leaves indoors, it is as a result of the plant being unhappy!

Ivies are generally seen as a bit of a nuisance when growing wild outside, but constrained in a pot indoors, they can make superb houseplants for difficult areas.

Its needs: Good light but avoid direct sun, normal humidity. Ivies prefer cooler growing conditions rather than hot rooms, but avoid extreme cold which may cause leaves to drop. A standard potting mix will be adequate for Hedera spp.

Variegated ivies tend to lose some of their brightness if grown in too shady a corner. Contrary to popular belief, Ivies need light. That's why they climb!

Hanging ivy - hedera - in pot on shelfIvy care: Water weekly, but do not over water. Mist leaves in hot summers. Trim back old or straggly growth in spring. Re-pot if necessary. Watch for Spider mite and scale pest. Red spider mite can kill a plant in a couple of weeks if not detected.

Good for: Ivies are very easy to grow and maintain. They can be trained up moss-poles or frameworks, or allowed to trail from a hanging basket. A useful foliage plant.


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