About Landscape Gardening - Tips and Advice 

This area and the links will give you landscape gardening tips and much of the advice and help you require for your own landscape gardening project. 

Design and build your own landscape garden! There are many aspects to landscape gardening - several different 'skills' are needed to build your own landscaped garden.

Hopefully, these projects will take you through the whole process of landscaping - from designing your own garden to to completed job - not that a garden is ever completed of course!

The main bit of advice must be to 'take your time' in all aspects of Landscape Gardening. Whatever you build or install, has the potential to be with you for the rest of your life. get your landscape project, designed properly, and do not move forward until you have seen what it looks like on the ground.

 If you need any further help with your garden landscape project, then please contact us with your landscape query.

Design Your Own Garden - Not the impossible task it might seem - especially with our helpful guide and tips! Take your time; be innovative; involve everyone; agree basics; be flexible!

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