Evergreen Perennial Plants List.

A Perennial Plant is one that lives for several - maybe many - years. Shrubs, trees, bulbs, and some garden plants are all true perennials. Many houseplants will also fall into this category - even though 'tender' perennials.

 An Evergreen Plant is one that retains leaves throughout its life - even if it sheds some of its leaves from time to time. Again, some shrubs, some trees and some garden plants are evergreen plants.

For this section on garden perennials however, that group of perennial garden plants which are also evergreen are what we are referring to as Evergreen Perennials.

 We exclude shrubs and trees, and simply move down a notch to the commonly used phrase of perennials - as relating to garden plants.

Evergreen Perennials are distinct from Herbaceous Perennials, in that they retain foliage throughout their life. (Some climatic conditions might cause an otherwise evergreen plant to shed some of even all of its foliage.) For the purpose of gardening, most perennials are lumped together as one group - evergreen or herbaceous - Perennials.

List of Evergreen Perennials.

This list will be expanded upon - particularly in relation to how important an evergreen some of the subjects are! It is more of a 'mind-jogger' rather than educational!

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