Plants and Flowers A to Z List - perennials, shrubs, bedding Plants. 

A-Z  List of common garden plants and flowers including bulbs; shrubs; perennials; annuals; biennials and everything else we can think of. Some are hardy, some are tender but all those details will be listed in the plant profile pages.

It is not a full list of every plant that is available, but representative of all the common garden plants (List of Plantae Kingdom A-Z) you are likely to encounter - unless you are a specialist in (very) rare plants.

Plants form the basis of every garden other than those where plants are 'designed out'. Most who use this site view the adaptability and versatility of plants with affection. Borders; edible; ornamental; container growing; herbs; fruit; grasses. All are plants. 

A plant comprises virtually every living thing that has leaves, flowers - seeds - and roots. In many cases not all the component parts can always be seen. For instance flowering bulbs have a root system as well as modifies stems whch are sometimes enclosed in the outer that we class as bulbs.

The listing below highlights the most popular of all garden plants - and perhaps some which we feel should be better known.

A to Z listing of garden plants and flowers.

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