Garden Plants and Flowers Beginning with the letter 'C'

Flowers and Plants starting with C - Shrubs; perennials; bulbs; annuals; herbs; trees; grasses, flowers. All members Plantae

 crocus purple blue flower clusterCleome flower head
Mauve Crocus planted in lawn |  Cleome flowers.


; Callisia; Callistemon; Callistephus; Calluna; Caltha;


 Capsicum; Cardamine;

 Carpenteria; Carpinus; Carthamus; Caryopteris; Castanea; Catalpa; Catananche; Ceanothus; Cedrus; Celastrus; Celosia; Centaurea; Centranthus; Cephalaria; Cerastium; Ceratostigma; Cercidophyllum; Cercis; Cestrum; Chaenomeles; Chamaecyparis; Chimonanthus; Chionanthus;

 Chrysanthemum; Chusquea; Cimcifuga; Circium; Cissus; Cistus; Cladanthus; Cladrastis; Clarkia;

 Clerodendrum; Clethra; Clianthus; Cobaea;

; Colutea;

; Convolvulus; Coprosma; Cordyline; Coreopsis;


 Corylopsis; Corylis; Cosmos;

 Crambe; Crataegus; Crinodendron; Crinum;

; Crosandra; Cryptomeria; Ctenanthe; Cuphea; Cupressus; Curcuma;

 Cydonia; Cynara; Cyperus; Cytisus:

Recent additions.

Brugmansia Angels TrumpetBrugmansia - The Angels Trumpets shrub for a stunning display in summer.
If the flowers look good, they have the added advantage of scent!

Houttuynia ChameleonThe Chameleon Plant - Houttuynia cordata Chameleon is a colourful perennial for a damp place - or near the pond

Lupin mixtureLupins are the all-time favourite for cottage gardens, but are welcome in any border - sun or dappled shade. A great colourful perennial.

***Wisteria to prune this month - incase February slipped by!***

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