Plants for Damp Soil Areas - Shrubs and Perennials

Plants and shrubs that will grow in Damp conditions. (Those areas that are damp underfoot, but not so wet as to sink in!) Many plants will grow in either permanently damp - or permanently dry conditions.  For instance the Day Lilies - Hemerocallis are normally associated with 'normal' or dry soil situations.

 They are often used in mixed or perennial borders, but the best display I have seen were growing in very damp conditions - at the edge of a large natural lake. Roots in water for most of the time. Similarly, the Lobelia cardinalis types are happy wet or dry!

However in this list, we specifically choose plants that are happy in very moist or damp conditions, but not permanently waterlogged. Even so, some of the listed plants will also grow with roots permanently in waterlogged conditions.

The damp area in your garden need no longer be a problem - or even maybe a neglected area. There are many damp area plants There are enough flowering plants and shrubs in this list for all manner of damp garden areas.

Shrubs for Damp Areas and Conditions.

Perennial Plants for Damp Soil Conditions

As with the shrubs mentioned above for damp conditions, most of these perennials will have been seen in 'normal' garden border situations. Basically because most gardens have 'normal' soil conditions. Nevertheless, the ones listed below. are quite happy in damp soil conditions. Many of them originate from damp woodlands and stream banks. A few are happy waterlogged, but for the most part simply damp that dries out from time to time.

Trees suitable for Damp Areas.

Hopefully the lists above will give you a little enthusiasm as to what you can plant in your damp patch!

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