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Where to grow Roses

Roses are best grown in open, well ventilated areas, without too much shade. Sunlight in your rose garden for at least three quarters of the day is ideal.

However, if you cannot get the sunlight to your roses, then get your roses to the sunlight. Simple enough as roses can be grown well in patio pots or other suitable containers.

Not all roses will grow permanently in containers, but many have been bred specially for that purpose. No longer do roses have to be grown in rose beds.

 The only concern is trying to grow roses in the shade. Roses growing in the shade tend to end up with many problems, ranging from mildew to general malaise!

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Most Roses need to be correctly pruned; well fed; and watered when dry. Organic feeds such as bonemeal or good well rotted mulches will do the trick, giving you healthy roses which are not as susceptible to some diseases suffered by sickly un-cared for specimens. (Sounds familiar?)

But of course, before all of that, you should plant your rose bushes with care and attention. This will tell you how to plant a rose bush.

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Some of the modern roses - especially the new patio and miniature roses are easy to grow, and will add points of interest if strategically positioned.

Climbers and rambler roses can be grown up almost any structure that stays still - including trees, old garden sheds, pergolas, fences house walls. the list is endless for growing roses almost anywhere.

Advice and information on Pests and diseases of Roses

Your choice of rose varieties has never been greater, and grows each year as the hybridists continue their patient, painstaking work to bring us suitable varieties - often with good descriptive, memorable names. talking of names, the list is growing, and we try to keep up to date to furnish you with lists of the rose names - for they make wonderful presents. Roses maybe associated with English gardens and even Englishness, but across the Atlantic in the US, rose growing is now almost as popular as it is in the UK and Europe.

Buying Roses.

As with most shrubs, roses can be bought and planted at any time of the year. They are available as bare root - or pre-packed- plants or in all manner of containers which should make for successful planting at any time of year.

The main criteria is the way they are normally grown and harvested by commercial growers. How and where to buy roses will help you decide. Most roses are grown in the open field and then dug up for sale or potting up in the early autumn. So with specific growing periods such as this, you will need to get your order placed for some of the popular varieties, instead of hoping to wander down to your garden centre in spring, hoping to find a particular variety.

Many of the choice varieties - especially climbers and standards, are pre-sold, and not available after lifting season in the autumn.

All of the nurseries have good descriptive catalogues - or web sites. So have a wander round, make your choice and get that order in to avoid disappointment. 

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