Best Scented Roses - The most strongly scented varieties 

Many roses have a strong scent or perfume, but much will depend upon the growing conditions of the rose bushes, and also the climatic conditions.

Conditions that affect the scent will include, the humidity at the time, or even the time of day. Generally, the older hybrid tea varieties have more scent than floribunda or multi flowered types.

The scent will also be different from person to person! We all have different perceptions of smell, and basically men will have a different sense of smell or scent to women. That's why perfume companies spend millions on developing male and female cosmetics!

Good Varieties include...

Hybrid Teas and Large Flowered Roses with good scent

Floribunda and Cluster Flowered Roses with good scent

Old fashioned Roses With Good Scent

Climbing Roses with Good Scent

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