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Garden Shrubs Beginning with H - a-z Letter listing

Hamamelis; Halesia; Halimiocistus; Hebe; Hedera; Helichrysum; Hibiscus; Holodiscus; Hydrangea; Hypericum; Hyssopus:



What's your colour preference for the Hamamelis group of shrubs - Witch Hazels. Most are yellow shades, but orange or red are also available - as can be seen in the image of Hamamelis x intermedia Diane.

Hakea: - Half hardy evergreen shrubs with contorted white flowers for acid soils.

Halesia – Snowdrop Tree: - Fully hardy group of large shrubs - then trees. The pendant flowers similar to snowdrops - but upside down.

Halimiocitisus flowers.X Halimiocistus: -  Halfway between Cistus and Halimium - Naughty parents! Some useful offspring for the rock garden os container.

Hazel Nut – Corylus: - See Corylus

Helichrysum - Curry PlantHelichrysum – The Curry Plant: - The Helichrysum is not to be confused with the Curry LEAF plant. This one is not edible, but has glorious solver foliage and yellow flowers and yes - it smells of curry when brushed against.

Heliotropium – Heliotrope – Cherry Pie: - Normally available as a bedding plant in the colder countries, the heliotrope is a useful - if short-lived - evergreen shrub in the warmer countries.

HibiscusHibiscus: -  There are hardy and tender varieties of this shrub - each with the same flower types. The tropical ones are larger and showier. the hardy ones are good for late summer and autumn colour.

Hippophae – Sea Buckthorn: - Fully hardy shrub with grey green foliage, is contrasted by the gaudy orange berries. Can be planted almost anywhere - in full sun - but is very useful for seaside planting.

Hoheria: -  Not fully hardy shrub, with fragrant cupped white flowers.

Holodiscus imageHolodiscus: -  Hardy shrub which simply adores dry conditions - even in woodland setting. never fails to flower, with plume-like white flowers.

Hyssopus – Hyssop: - Fully hardy dwarf shrub - sometimes clipped into low hedge. aromatic - foliage and flowers. The flowers on this dwarf shrub are blue. 

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