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Garden Shrubs Beginning with H - a-z Letter listing

Hamamelis; Halesia; Halimiocistus; Hebe; Hedera; Helichrysum; Hibiscus; Holodiscus; Hydrangea; Hypericum; Hyssopus:

Hamamelis Diane.






What's your colour preference for the Hamamelis group of shrubs - Witch Hazels. Most are yellow shades, but orange or red are also available - as can be seen in the image of Hamamelis x intermedia Diane.



Hakea: - Half hardy evergreen shrubs with contorted white flowers for acid soils.

Halesia – Snowdrop Tree: - Fully hardy group of large shrubs - then trees. The pendant flowers similar to snowdrops - but upside down.

Halimiocitisus flowers.

X Halimiocistus: -  Halfway between Cistus and Halimium - Naughty parents! Some useful offspring for the rock garden os container.


Hamamelis Orange PeelHamamelis – Witch Hazel: - To brighten up any winter. The Witch Hazel shrubs are invaluable and unsurpassed for winter colour. Wide range of colour available, but yellow dominates.


Hazel Nut – Corylus: - See Corylus



Heather – Erica – Calluna - Daboecia: - See Erica




Hebe Midsummer Beauty

Hebe – Veronica: - Hebes are not the hardiest of shrubs, but in the right area they are very showy flowering evergreens. The smaller leaved types are generally hardiest. Frost damage can normally be cut out and re-growth is rapid. Well worth the effort.


Hedera canariensis

Hedera – Ivy: -  The ivies are not only weeds, but can also be invaluable climbing shrubs in many situations. many foliage variations to choose from.


Helichrysum - Curry Plant

Helichrysum – The Curry Plant: - The Helichrysum is not to be confused with the Curry LEAF plant. This one is not edible, but has glorious solver foliage and yellow flowers and yes - it smells of curry when brushed against.


Heliotropium – Heliotrope – Cherry Pie: - Normally available as a bedding plant in the colder countries, the heliotrope is a useful - if short-lived - evergreen shrub in the warmer countries.



Hibiscus: -  There are hardy and tender varieties of this shrub - each with the same flower types. The tropical ones are larger and showier. the hardy ones are good for late summer and autumn colour.



Hippophae – Sea Buckthorn: - Fully hardy shrub with grey green foliage, is contrasted by the gaudy orange berries. Can be planted almost anywhere - in full sun - but is very useful for seaside planting.

Hoheria: -  Not fully hardy shrub, with fragrant cupped white flowers.

Ilex golden

Holly - Ilex - See Ilex




Holodiscus image

Holodiscus: -  Hardy shrub which simply adores dry conditions - even in woodland setting. never fails to flower, with plume-like white flowers.



Lonicera Baggeson's Gold

Honeysuckle - Lonicera: -  See lonicera




Hydrangea: -  Spoilt for choice shrubs that are hardy in most situations. Many different types - all of them useful. Colour range of flowers is also wide. How to get Blue Hydrangeas - Study before purchase.



Hypericum closeup

Hypericum: -  Sometimes neglected - always welcome group of shrubs for ground cover and specimen use. Yellow flowers with varying stamen types. A useful shrub for any situation in the garden.

Hyssopus – Hyssop: - Fully hardy dwarf shrub - sometimes clipped into low hedge. aromatic - foliage and flowers. The flowers on this dwarf shrub are blue. 

By David Hughes -