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Garden Shrubs Beginning with P - a-z Letter listing

Potentilla; Paeonia; Parahebe; Parthenocissus; Passiflora; Perovskia; Philadelphus; Phlomis; Phormium; Photinia; Phygelius; Pieris; Piptanthus; Plumbago; Pittosporum; Plumeria; Potentilla; Prunus; Pyracantha; Pyrus:

The letter P is never a problem throughout the entire plant range - always plenty on offer.

Potentilla White Flowers






The Potentilla  is our selected shrub starting with letter P. Difficult choice for there are so many good 'P' shrubs. Grown properly, this group of shrubs will flower  for long periods and is relatively easy to grow.



Paeonia - Tree Peopny

Paeonia – Peony – Tree Peony: - Deciduous shrubs - even if called 'tree' peony. Spectacular flowers and well suited to growing as a specimen - or a woodland subject. Grow in sheltered position - shielded from winds.


Parahebe Shrub - Blue flowers

Parahebe – Derwentia: -  Evergreen, normally log growing shrub with attractive blue or pink flowers. Normally hardy and easy to look after. Some are good for rock garden situations.



Parthenocissus - Colourful climbing shrub

Parthenocissus – Virginia Creeper: - Deciduous self clinging climber by way of 'suckers' on their tendrils. The autumn colour is their main attraction, though the bright foliage is also good throughout summer. Good climber for quick cover.


Passiflora - Passion Flower

Passiflora – Passion Flower: - A little bit tender, though sometimes completely hardy. Showy and unusual flowers - followed by fruits in a good summer - rarely edible though. Attractive evergreen foliage.





Paeonia officinalis

Peony – Paeonia: - See paeonia above.



Vinca - Periwinkle

Periwinkle - Vinca: - See Vinca




Perovskia - Russian Sage - Blue flowered shrub

Perovskia – Russian Sage: - Hardy blue flowered shrub, flowering late summer and into the autumn. Grey green to silver evergreen foliage, which can sometimes suffer in winter. No problem, simply cut it right back in spring.



Philadelphus - Mock orange shrub

Philadelphus Care and Growing: -  A wide range of white scented flowers on thes often neglected shrub. learn how to prune it properly for best results. Happy in full sun or light shade, there are a few relatively small types, though normally to 2 metres or more.
Philadelphus Varieties



Phlomis - Yellow Shrub

Phlomis: - Evergreen shrubs with grey green leaves. Normally hardy. yellow or pink flowers in whorls around the stem. Full sun best, though light shade is ok.



Phormium - New Zealand Flax Foliage shrub

Phormium – New Zealand Flax:- Actually evergreen perennials but normally sold as shrubs - so we include. Linear evergreen leaves - with many colour variations. Generally hardy, but a good winter mulch will help ensure this.


Photinia Red Robin - Foliage Shrub

Photinia Red Robin – Stranvaesia: - One of the most popular evergreen shrubs of recent times - and rightly so. Can be kept to virtually any reasonable size by hard pruning - often. The variety Red Robin admirably describes the shrub.



Phygelius pink flowers.

Phygelius: - Evergreen shrubs - or sub shrubs. Elongated trumpet flowers of yellow, red or pink pendulous from arching stems. Sometimes cut down by severe winters - but usually re-emerge in spring and grow quickly - almost like a perennial.


Phylica – Cape Myrtle


Physocarpos Darts Gold. Yellow foliaged shrub

Physocarpus: -  Attractive foliage colours on these deciduous shrubs. Spring colour usually best - thereafter fading a little. Flowers - normally white - hardly worth a mention. Foliage is the feature.



Pieris Forest Flame - Red foliage shrub

Pieris: -  A gem of a shrub if you have acid or maybe neutral soil. Evergreen foliage, small clusters of Lily of the Valley type flowers, and generally bright red young foliage (Which can suffer late frost damage - but it soon re-grows). The flowers in Mid to late Winter, often with the first flush of red new growth in the spring.


Piptanthus: - Semi evergreen large shrub with grey green or silver foliage. Pea-like bright yellow flowers. Sometimes mistaken for Spartium junceum -which has scented flowers. The Piptanthus does not.

Pisonia: -  Frost tender variegated evergreen shrub for warmer climates. Otherwise they make a good houseplant substitution to the variegated Rubber Plant.

Pittosporum Tom Thumb - Purple foliage shrub

Pittosporum: - Not the hardiest of evergreen shrubs, but can be persuaded to live long in a sheltered place. Varied form of foliage colors. The foliage is the main attraction for most, but one or two have flowers worth a mention.


Pl;umbago blue flowers

Plumbago – Leadwort: - Half hardy - but has been known to survive mild winters in a sheltered spot. Best in conservatory - or warmer frost-free country. The blue flowers are legendary - and have an official shade of blue named after them.


Plumeria White flowers.

Plumeria – Frangipani – Pagoda Tree: -  I can vouch for the fragrance first hand - especially in the flower group shown! large shrub or small tree. Not dense - very open. Large leathery leaves and range of flower colours from white through cream, pinks and reds. The down side? NOT hardy.


Ligustrum - Silver Privet

Privet - Ligustrum: - See Ligustrum




Potentilla - Cinquefoil

Potentilla – Cinquefoil: - A wide range of compact deciduous flowering shrubs, sure to please if grown correctly. Seemingly always with some flower throughout the summer and early autumn - after the first showy flush in late spring. Attractive foliage on some, but it is the 'buttercup' shaped flowers which attract.


Protea: - A flowering shrub that we would all like to be able to grow. Not so, for it is quite tender and for warmer countries. Distinctive flowers on evergreen foliage.

Prunus - Flowering Cherry

Prunus – Flowering Cherry: - Normally small to large trees, there are also some shrubby types of flowering cherry, together with some tree varieties that are small enough to be used as shrubs. Legendary flowers, hardy, and normally with good autumn  colour.

Laurel - Prunus - Hedge

Prunus - Evergreen Shrub - Laurel: -  This group encompasses those shrubs known as Laurels. very different from their flowering cousins. Normally grown for their dense evergreen foliage, but the flowers are also striking on some.



Pyracantha - Firethorn evergreen shrub

Pyracantha – Firethorn: -  A very versatile shrub. Evergreen foliage, creamy white flowers, orange, red or yellow berries, and vandal-proof thorns. Throw in the fact that it is a good food store for various birds, and you almost have the perfect shrub. Full sun, part shade, shrub or trained against wall or fence.  Big drawback is the pruning when required. The thorns can be troublesome if they penetrate your skin. heavy leather  gloves to be worn.

Pyrus - Pear: - Pyrus salicifolia Pendula is the weeping pear so often asked about. The silver foliage is very attractive - the white flowers almost ignored. Normally grafted on a stem some 2m high, so not going to get to any great height. 

By David Hughes -