Vegetables A - Z Listing - Growing your own Veg.

Assorted VegetablesFull listing of all the articles on this site relating to growing your own vegetables.

Most of the vegetables on show here can be grown - even in small space - by home gardeners.

We all know there is nothing quite like the taste of fresh (real fresh) fruit and vegetables so what are you waiting for.

Easy basic guides on here to steer you towards you own grown veg that will be the envy of your friends and neighbours.



Recent additions.

Brugmansia Angels TrumpetBrugmansia - The Angels Trumpets shrub for a stunning display in summer.
If the flowers look good, they have the added advantage of scent!

Houttuynia ChameleonThe Chameleon Plant - Houttuynia cordata Chameleon is a colourful perennial for a damp place - or near the pond

Lupin mixtureLupins are the all-time favourite for cottage gardens, but are welcome in any border - sun or dappled shade. A great colourful perennial.

Cleome Spider Flower PlantCleome hassleriana the Spider Flower. A hardy annuals which grows to 5ft (1.5m) in the season!

Close up of Daffodil flowers
How to Care for your Daffodils

Wisteria close up
Climbing Plants

***Wisteria to prune this month of February***


Striped Lawn
Care for your Lawn

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