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Lawn Maintenance: How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy All Year Round

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Lawn Care Calendar: A Month-by-Month Lawn Treatment Guide

In this article, I'm going to outline the lawn care calendar that I work by every year. To help you as best I can, I've broken down this lawn treatment schedule month by month so you know exactly what to...
spring lawn care

Spring Lawn Care & Maintenance For March, April and May

Spring is an important season in the lawn care calendar. At this time of year, your lawn will need extra care and attention to help it recover from the rigours of winter. Feeding, removing moss and regular mowing will create a...
summer lawn maintenance

Summer Lawn Care & Maintenance For June, July & August

Summer is a time for enjoying your lawn and garden as a whole. Spending time outside with friends, family and pets is all part of the enjoyment of gardening. If you took care of your lawn in spring, it should...
autumn lawn care

Autumn Lawn Care & Renovation For September, October and November

Autumn is the busiest time in the lawn calendar so, in this article, I'm going to show you my autumn lawn care program. If you kept on top of your spring and summer tasks, then it should just be about preparing...

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Lawn Care Jobs

Annual Lawn Maintenance is made up different, individual jobs. Learn step-by-step how to do all the jobs and repairs your lawn might need over the over the year to keep it lush and healthy.

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Weeds & Prevention

The ongoing battle against weeds is a big part of maintaining your lawn. The good news is that it’s really not difficult. Learn how to identify different weeds and prevent them growing in your lawn.

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Creating a New Lawn

Learn how to create a lawn from scratch and look after it, step-by-step. From formal lawns to family and utility lawns, the process is the same.

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Pests & Diseases

Keeping a healthy lawn means protecting it from pests and disease. Learn how to identify different issues, fix the problems and prevent them re-occurring.

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Products & Reviews

Find the best tools for the job. From lawn mowers to moss killers, these independent and unbiased reviews will help you make the best buying choices.

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