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Winter Jasmine on Home page for gardening adviceGardening is going from strength to strength, and is a great hobby to have - especially in these increasingly busy times. There is nothing quite so satisfying as starting your plants off and seeing them reach maturity - giving you a show of colour in what is becoming a stressful life. Take time out for your garden. Your life will be fuller for it!

We have help section the start off with the raising of new or small plants, and then guiding you through all staged of developments and the subsequent aftercare. Hopefully we will alert you the potential problems with our comprehensive guides.

Gardening can be an important aspect of your general wellbeing - whether it is a bit of exercise digging the vegetable plot, or just drooling over the colourful display you have in your easy-to-care-for window box or patio tub.

Miscanthus sinensis - Ornamental grasses advice section 

Ornamental Grasses 
Our expanding section contains information about Ornamental Grasses in the Garden.

 Grasses have become an important aspect of many gardens. Look to find out why.

Grasses take on a new 'look' through autumn and early winter.

Penstemon Burgundy - Hardy evergreen perennial

We have at long last started our section about herbaceous perennials. This is an invaluable group of garden plants and now is a good time to be thinking forward to next year - and determine to plant some.
Penstemon Burgundy 

Lilium Touching - Garden Lly

Flowering Bulbs in the Garden
The gardening year is starting so the next big 'gardening event' for many, will be arrival of the spring flowering bulbs.
You might like to start looking at the catalogues and see what summer flowering bulbs you can order. If you are impressed with your own - or others' show of spring flowering bulbs, you might want to take bulb planting a stage further with some summer flowering bulbs!

Begonia Fireworks
House Plants
Take your gardening indoors for the winter months by way of a good selection of houseplants. Some houseplants are very easy to grow and keep indoors - we give you some ideas.
Foliage or flowers? The choice is yours.


Potentilla Pink PrincessPlants

There is much to learn about garden plants, and there are many plants to learn about.
This section covers all the different plants which are not in the specialised groups such as shrubs and roses etc. Just simply, garden plants.

Azalea Exbury Hybrid button for Shrubs advice sectionShrubs
Our ever growing section about shrubs, will prove to be an valuable guide for those wishing to plant shrubs at the best time of the year.

Container grown shrubs can be planted at any time - but with extra care needed if planted in the growing season.

Pruning ShrubsPruning Shrubs

Pruning shrubs in the garden is shrouded in mystery and uninformed hearsay. To ensure that you have your shrubs and climbers in tip top condition and plenty of flowers - even with controlled growth, we outline how and when to prune most garden shrubs. Individual shrubs are listed, together with a useful pruning calendar

Rose Hannah GordonRoses
Roses have been written off so many times as being old fashioned. There are some very beautiful old-fashioned roses, but also a wealth of new types, suited for containers, gardens, borders and anywhere else that needs brightening up.


Onion SeedheadsVegetables

Most have thought about growing your own vegetables. So, now let's take those thoughts a bit further with out helpful guides, and see if we can go some way to eating healthy food. Not to mention that your own grown vegetables will always taste better then those out of a plastic wrapper. It doesn't need an allotment!!

Butterfly LavenderHerbs

Herbs don't have to be for cooking or medicine only. They can be a great addition to the ornamental garden or containers.
Many of the herbs are highly ornamental; and many of our ornamental perennials are herbs. Real dual or triple-function plants!

Ripe StrawberriesFruit

Only when you have picked your own-grown fruit and eaten, will you appreciate the difference from even supposed fresh fruit at the supermarket.

Growing fruit can be as demanding o0r relaxing as you wish. You don't need an orchard or even a special part of the garden. Many types of fruit can be grown in patio pots, or even as climbers or fence plants.

Striped LawnLawn Care

Many homes have the garden lawn as the main exterior central showpiece - often spending more time caring for the lawn than on all the rest of the garden in total.

Sometimes, too much care and attention - if not correctly done - can lead to problems not normally associated with neglected lawns. Avoid the pitfalls. We show you how.

Potting Fucshia cuttingsPlant Propagation

Many plants can be reared at home - or in a greenhouse - by way of cuttings, seed sowing or other methods of propagation.

Details of all the main methods of obtaining a few more plants.

Garden PondGarden Ponds

Garden ponds can be a good feature in the right garden and situated in the right place. Ponds need care year round to be a success.
Pond maintenance together with the care of pond fish and aquatic plants are dealt with in easy to understand instructions and advice.

We re-introduce the Flowertime Project  which had to be put on ice last year.

We also bring back our Gardening Events Section - If you are an organiser, make use of it for FREE!

And maybe you will need a bit if Christmas tree care advice.

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