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How to Create and Care For Them

creating a new lawnCreating a new lawn is a fairly simple process.

That said, before laying a new lawn you need to think about what you want from it.

Will it be a play area for the kids? A formal masterpiece? Somewhere to entertain? Or a combination of everything?

Knowing this will determine what type of grasses your lawn will be made up of and whether or not you’ll sow new grass seed or lay new turf.

Whichever type of lawn you want to create, this page features articles which make creating and caring for a new lawn as simple as possible.


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I’ve covered everything from preparing the soil for seed or turf, working out how much grass seed or turf you’ll need to create your lawn, step-by-step.

Whether you’re creating a play area for the kids or bowling green, the methods are very much the same. However, if you’re creating a bowling green, expect to take two, even three times as long, as you strive for perfection.

Either way, take your time and do the job right and you’ll have a beautiful lawn that’s easy to maintain.

If you rush and cut corners, your new lawn will be as healthy or look as good as it should.



turf cost

How Much Does Turf Cost and How Much Do Gardeners Charge to Lay Turf?

If you've decided on a newly turfed lawn but you don't have the confidence, skills or inclination to lay it yourself, you'll probably ask yourself; 'How much does turf cost?' Or 'How much do gardeners charge to...
how long does grass seed take to grow

How Long Does Grass Seed Take To Grow? And How to Speed Up Germination

So you've done all the work; You've chosen the best lawn seed for the job, prepared the ground perfectly, you've sown the grass seed and you've been watering diligently every day. And for the first few...
when to sow grass seed

When to Sow Grass Seed (And When NOT to) For Best Results

Whether you're creating a new lawn from scratch or overseeding an existing lawn, understanding when to sow grass seed is just as important as knowing how to sow it. Get it right and your seed...
types of grass seed

Four Types of Grass Seed: How to Choose the Right One For Your Lawn

If you're sowing a new lawn from seed or overseeding an existing lawn, it's really important to choose the correct types of grass seed. Different types of lawn require different types of grass seed blends. For...
Types of grass

Which Types of Grass Are Best For Your Lawn? A Guide For UK Lawnsmiths

Most people don't know (or even care) about what types of grass are in their lawn. However, different types of lawn require different types of grass if they're going to look their best. For example, you...
how to sow grass seed

How to Sow Grass Seed Create a New Lawn, Step-by-Step

In this article, I'm going to show you, step-by-step, how to sow grass seed to create a new lawn. Provided you use the best grass seed you can find, you sow at the right time...
grass seed calculator

Grass Seed Calculator: How Much Grass Seed Do I Need?

If you're sowing a new lawn from scratch or overseeding an existing lawn, as part of your lawn care regime, you've probably asked yourself, 'How Much Grass Seed Do I Need?' Well, my grass seed...
grass seed or turf

Grass Seed or Turf? Which is Best For Creating a New Lawn?

If you're planning on creating a new lawn, you have two choices. You can; Lay turf, or Sow new grass seed But which is best, grass seed or turf? In this article, we're going to take a...
how to prepare for laying turf

How to Prepare the Ground For Turf and Grass Seed, Step-by-Step

In this article, I'm going to show you, in 9 simple steps, how to prepare the ground for turf and grass seed. It doesn't matter if you're laying turf, or sowing grass seed, the ground...
turf calculator

How Much Turf Do I Need? Use Our Turf Calculator to Work it Out...

Use my turf calculator to figure out how many rolls of turf you need for your next project. One roll of turf is equal to 1m². I always recommend adding 5% to your order. There's nothing...

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