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How to Identify, Remove and Control Common Weeds in UK Lawns


common lawn weeds

Lawn weeds are plants, other than desirable grass plants which grow in your lawn.

That said, one person’s weed is another person’s wildflower.

For example, some people love to see Daisies and Buttercups in their lawn. Others will argue that they should be eradicated at all cost.

Ultimately though, what you consider to be a weed is up to you.

But for clarity, if there’s something growing in your lawn, other than grass and you don’t want it there, it’s a weed.


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Out of the hundreds of species of weed which infest our gardens in the UK, only a handful are common lawn weeds.

Some are annuals, meaning they only live for a season. However, that’s not before they grow and set seed very quickly, leaving a whole new generation of weed seeds behind.

Most, however, are perennial. Meaning they survive for years, growing, spreading and producing new seeds, season after season.

There’s nothing you can do to prevent the occasional weed from appearing in even the most well cared for lawn. This happens naturally.

What nature can’t be blamed for, is large patches of weeds being allowed to take over your lawn.

This is down to poor lawn care practices, which is the fault of the lawn owner.

On this page is a list of articles dedicated to the most common weeds to inhabit UK lawns.

Each article explains how to kill, remove and prevent these weeds from growing back again.

And the good news is that in the vast majority of cases, ridding your lawns of weeds isn’t difficult at all.




annual meadow grass

Annual Meadow Grass in Your Lawn? Here’s How to Get Rid of it

If you have course grass ruining the appearance of your lawn then chances are that it's Annual Meadow Grass, or AMG, or Poa Annua. The bad news is that this weed grass can spread quickly....

How to Remove Clover, Medick and Trefoils From Your Lawn & Prevent them Returning

Clover in lawns can be a major headache for many gardeners. In dry summer months, Clover, Medic and Trefoil stand out with their bright green patches against the paler grass. This looks horrible! There are a few...

How to Remove Common Sorrel and Sheeps Sorrel From Your Lawn

There are two main types of Sorrel that is found in British lawns; Common Sorrel, and Sheeps Sorrel They're a relative of the dock and in grassland are loved by foraging animals. In lawns, however,...
self heal

How to Remove Self Heal (Prunella Vulgaris) From Your Lawn

Self Heal or Prunella Vulgaris goes by a few names, including; Heal-all Carpenters Weed Wild Sage, or Prunella Weed Whatever you like to call it, it's a common lawn weed in the UK and because it's...
plantain weeds

How to Remove Greater Plantain, Ribwort, Buckhorn and Other Plantain Weeds From Your Lawn

There are four major plantain weeds that grow in lawns across the UK. They are; Greater Plantain or Plantago Major Ribwort Plantain or Plantago Lanceolata Hoary Plantain or Plantago Media Buckshorn Plantain or Plantago Coronopus Plaintain...
slender speedwell

How to Remove Germander Speedwell and Slender Speedwell From Your Lawn

Speedwell is a weed that inhabits lawns all across the UK. They bloom very pretty blue flowers. There are several different types of Speedwell but only two of them cause problems in lawns. They are...

Buttercups in Your Lawn? How to Get Rid of it and Prevent it Growing...

Buttercups are seen in lawns all across the UK and the look lovely in meadow grass. For many gardeners with well cared for lawns, the odd Buttercup isn't offensive. However, the most common species, the...

How to Remove Creeping Thistles and Dwarf Thistle From Your Lawn

The are several species of Thistles that often plague gardeners and farmers all over the UK but most can't tolerate regular mowing. However, there are two types of Thistle that can inhabit lawns; Creeping Thistle ...
pearlwort in lawn

Pearlwort in Your Lawn? How to Remove it and Prevent it From Returning

Pearlwort or Sagina procumbens is sometimes used as an alternative ground cover to a grass lawn. However, when it inhabits a lawn when and where you don't want it to, it can be a menace, especially if...
yarrow weed

Yarrow Weed (Achillia Millifolium) in Your Lawn? Here’s How to Remove it

Yarrow weed, or Achillea millifolium is also known as Milfoil. In fact, like Woodrush and other weeds, Yarrow weed in the lawn can be a sign that your lawn is poor health. It can also be pretty...

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