Pruning Wisteria sinensis - Advice and information on how and when to prune Wisteria 

Pruning Wisteria is not essential where they have room to roam and colonise a wall frame or sturdy trellis. Wisteria will wander and flower in this situation without any pruning. However, if the Wisteria is growing in a confined space, or at least needs to be constrained, then pruning will be necessary as set out below.

It is important to prune your Wisteria at the right time. We show you when and how to prune wisterias.

To keep Wisteria under control they should be pruned twice each year. Prune like this to ensure maximum flower and the pruning will also keep your Wisteria within set limits!

Autumn Pruning of Wisterias

This involves pruning all of the current side-shoot growths back to within 30cms of the main lateral. This should leave 4-6 leaves on each side-shoot. Any side shoot required to extend or train the framework should be left and trained as required and not be pruned! 

Winter Pruning of Wisteria

In January/February, prune the Wisteria side shoots back even further - 6-10cm long,
leaving only 2 or 3 buds on the side-shoot. These will be the flowering spurs on your wisteria. There is no need to prune the wisteria to an outward facing bud.

These pruning operations should be carried out each year. The only shoots to be left 'unscathed' are those which are required to extend the size or direction of your wisteria.

A new shoot from the last summer on a mature lateral branch

A wisteria side shoot - lateral, ready to be cut back hard in late winter pruning (Jan/Feb).

New shoot pruned to within 4 buds of the main lateral framework vine

The lateral - having been cut back to 3 buds from the main branch leader. The pruning cut is immediately above a bud.

A great specimen of wisteria, that has been pruned correctly. learn about the general care of Wisterias here.

Regular pruning of this wisteria to allow public access through the archway

Regular Pruning of this wisteria is essential, for whilst it has the space to roam unhindered, the pathway below would soon be rendered unusable as the wisteria would soon take over the whole arch.


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