Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower UK – Top Picks & Reviews

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Some lawn mowers are heavy – especially petrol and cylinder mowers.

Relying on your own push power to move them would make cutting the grass a long, heavy and miserable chore.

That’s why some of the best lawn mowers are self-propelled, removing the need for you to physically push them.

In this article, I’ll show my top picks for the best self-propelled lawn mowers.


A quick comparison

Image Product Details
Top Rated Rotary Petrol Mower
Hayter Harrier 48
Hayter Harrier 48

Award-Winning Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Incredible Build Quality

Creates Beautiful Stripes

Cheaper Cordless Model
Greenworks GD40LM46
Greenworks GD40LM46

Variable Speed Self Drive

Quick Charge Time

Excellent Quality

Great Electric Model
Cobra MX46SPE
Cobra MX46SPE

Feature Packed

Works Well on Different Terrains

Collect, Mulch or Side Discharge

Very Good Cordless Model
Greenworks GD40LM46
Greenworks GD40LM46

As Powerful as a Petrol Mower

30-minute Charging

5 Year Warranty

Excellent Self-Propelled Petrol Mower
Murray EQ500
Murray EQ500

Lots of Features

Excellent Build Quality

Well Priced

Excellent Build Quality
Honda IZY HRG 466 SK
Honda IZY HRG 466 SK

Very Reliable

Excellent Build Quality


Self Propelled Cylinder Mower
 Allett Liberty 43
Allett Liberty 43

For Ornamental and Formal Lawns

Packed With Features

Cuts Incredibly Well

Excellent Mulching Mower
Stiga Multiclip 47 SQB
Stiga Multiclip 47 SQB

Very Well Built

Mulches Well

Leaves an Excellent Cut

Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower with Reviews

Here's a list of some of the best self propelled lawn mowers on the market:

1. Hayter Harrier 48 Self Propelled Petrol Mower - Best Overall

Hayter Harrier 48 Self Propelled Petrol Mower - Best Overall
  • Engine: 163cc, 4-stroke;
  • Cutting Width: 48cm;
  • Grass Box Capacity: 70 Litres;
  • Weight: 44kg;
  • Warranty: 5 Years;


If you like your lawn to have a vivid striped finish, then take a look at the Hayter Harrier 48.

It’s powered by a 163cc 675iS Briggs & Stratton engine with electric ReadyStart® technology. As such it’s very easy to start with the press of a button.

It has a 48cm cutting width and massive 70-litre grass collector. Hayter says it’s good for lawns up to 500m2 but I own one and regularly mow lawns of double that size with no problem.

You’ve got 7 mowing heights to choose from ranging from 60mm, down to a tiny 13mm for a very formal finish.

This particular model features Hayters ‘AutoDrive’ technology which is a posh way of saying it’s self-propelled. That said, the drive has variable speed which you can set between 1.8mph-3.3mph to suit your walking speed and/or the mowing conditions.

The drive comes from a split differential, ribbed rear roller for better traction and turning. It also creates the vivid lawn stripes that Hayter are well known for.

Another nice feature is the fact that the front wheels are set within the width of the cutting deck. This means you can mow right over the edge of your lawn without worrying about the front wheels dropping off and scalping the edges.

And when you’re finished using it, the ‘Easy Wash’ port enables you to attach a hose to the cutting deck turn, the tap on and spin the blades. This makes cleaning it very easy.

I have to say, the Hayter Harrier is one of my favourite lawn mowers, which is why I own one.

They’re not cheap. However, they’re built like tanks, easy to use and the finish is the best you’ll get from a rotary mower.

2. Greenworks GD40LM46 Self-Propelled Cordless Mower

Greenworks GD40LM46 Self-Propelled Cordless Mower
  • Run Time: 30 minutes;
  • Charge Time: 60 minutes;
  • Cutting Width: 46cm;
  • Cutting Height: 25mm-80mm;
  • Grass Collector Capacity: 55 Litres;
  • Weight: 29kg;
  • Warranty: 3 Years;


If you want the freedom of not being restricted by a power cord but you don’t want a petrol mower, then a cordless option is an obvious choice.

The Greenworks GD40LM46 is a very capable cordless self-propelled lawn mower.

Powered by two Lithium-Ion 2Ah batteries, a full charge takes an hour and gives you 30 minutes of run time. Greenworks say this is enough to mow up to 800m2.

Provided your lawns are in good shape, this is accurate. However, if you’re battling with long, wet grass, expect the batteries to fade sooner.

The motor is brushless and that makes it more energy-efficient, it vibrates 70% less, it suffers less from wear and tear and so it’ll last longer than a typical motor.

It has a fairly wide 46cm cutting width and a 55-litre grass collector. You also have the option to discharge long or wet grass from the side. Or for more formal lawns, attach the mulching plug and recycle the clippings back into the turf.

The self-propelling feature also has variable speed. You can set it between 0.5 – 1.5 meters per second to suit your walking speed and/or the mowing conditions. It cuts well and the finish is a pleasing one.

Overall, the Greenworks GD40LM46 is a very decent self-propelled cordless mower.

3. Cobra MX46SPE Self Propelled Electric Lawn Mower

Cobra MX46SPE Self Propelled Electric Lawn Mower
  • Motor: 1,800 watt;
  • Cutting Width: 46cm;
  • Grass Box Capacity: 60 Litres;
  • Weight: 31kg;
  • Cable Length: 15m;
  • Warranty: 2 Years;


There are very few self-propelled electric mowers on the market but the one which gets my recommendation is the Cobra MX46SPE.

It looks like the design has been based on a race car and it has many of the features you’d expect from products which are much more expensive.

A powerful 1,800-watt motor sits on top of the steel cutting deck to deliver enough power to blast through even the thickest, coarsest grasses.

It has a 46cm cutting width combined with a massive 60-litre grass collector. If you’d rather not use the grass bag you can discharge the clippings from the side or rear and for more formal lawns, you can mulch them back into the turf.

You can choose from 7 cutting heights which range from 25mm for a more formal cut, up to 75mm for longer, coarser grasses. For an electric mower, it’s a beast.

That said, the 15m power cord isn’t long enough to tackle the size of lawn it’s designed for. Chances are you’ll need an extension lead. If you can get over that, the Cobra is fantastic.

4. EGO-Power-LM2122ESP Self Propelled Mower

EGO-Power-LM2122ESP Self Propelled Mower
  • Run Time: 50 minutes;
  • Charge Time: 30 minutes;
  • Cutting Width: 52cm;
  • Cutting Height: 28mm-94mm;
  • Grass Box Capacity: 70 Litres;
  • Weight: 29kg;
  • Warranty: 5 Years;


For larger lawns where you need more power, more run time and faster charging, the Ego Power + LM2122ESP has to be one of the very best cordless lawn mowers there is.

It’s incredibly well built and has all the power of an equivalent petrol mower. Without the fumes, the noise, the mess and the servicing costs.

Powered by a 56-volt 7.5Ah Lithium-Ion battery, it’s fully charged in a very short half-hour and provides a huge 50 minutes of run time. This is easily enough for lawns up 1,000m2 if they’re in semi-decent condition.

And if they’re not, it only takes half an hour to recharge.

It as a wide 52cm cutting width and an enormous 70-litre grass collector. If you’d prefer not to collect the grass cuttings, it’ll mulch them.

There are six mowing heights to choose from. The lowest is 28mm for a more formal finish and the highest is 94mm for blasting through coarse meadow and paddock grasses.

The self-drive has variable speed which you can set to match your preferred walking speed or mowing conditions.

The speed of the motor is also variable, automatically deploying more power when you need it and backing it off when you don’t. This helps preserve battery life. It even has a pair of LED headlights so you can work longer into the evening.

Overall, the Ego Power + LM2122ESP is a beast of a cordless mower. It’s supremely well-built, has all the power of a petrol model and it performs incredibly well.

5. Murray EQ 500 Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

Murray EQ 500 Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower
  • Engine: 140cc, 4-stroke;
  • Cutting Width: 46cm;
  • Grass Box Capacity: 60 Litres;
  • Weight: 28kg;
  • Warranty: 2 Years;


If you’re in the market for a petrol mower, the Murray EQ500 is fantastic. Offering excellent build quality and features at a very reasonable price.

Mounted on top of the steel cutting deck sits a 140cc Briggs & Stratton 500E Series engine. These are well known for their reliability and ease of start.

The cutting width is 46cm and that’s paired with a very big 60-litre grass collector. Murray says the EQ500 is big enough for tackling lawns of up to 1,500m2.

And you don’t have to simply collect grass clippings. You can also discharge long grass from the side or rear and for shorter, more formal lawns, you can mulch the clippings back into the sward.

This lawn mower has 6 mowing heights to choose from, starting at 28mm on the short end to 92mm on the high end. This makes the Murray an ideal choice if you have regular family lawns and areas which consist of long, meadow grasses.

In terms of performance, I have to say, the Murray EQ500 very good. It’s easy to start and use it cuts well and it won’t break the bank.

6. Honda IZY HRG466 Petrol Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Honda IZY HRG466 Petrol Self-Propelled Lawn Mower
  • Engine: 160cc, 4-stroke;
  • Cutting Width: 46cm;
  • Grass Box Capacity: 55 Litres;
  • Weight: 32kg;
  • Warranty: 5 Years;


If you want a petrol model that’s built to last, the Honda HRG 466 SK is a brilliant machine.

Powered by Honda’s GCV160 OHV, 4-stroke petrol engine, it’s dead easy to start, it doesn’t miss a beat, and it’ll last a lifetime.

It’s very well built and the powder-coated steel cutting deck houses a 46cm cutting blade.

The grass collector weighs in at 55 litres and you have six cutting heights to choose from. It’ll cut as low as 20mm for a more formal finish, which is excellent and as high as 74mm for tackling long or damp grass.

It’s fairly expensive when compared to some other petrol mowers like the Murray I mentioned above and it does lack the ability to mulch and side discharge.

That said, when you buy this, you’re really paying for build quality, reliability and the fantastic finish the Honda HRG 466 SK provides.

7. Allett Liberty 43 Self Propelled Cylinder Lawn Mower

Allett Liberty 43 Self Propelled Cylinder Lawn Mower
  • Power: Battery;
  • Run Time: 40 Minutes
  • Charge Time: 100 minutes;
  • Cutting Width: 43cm;
  • Grass Box Capacity: 62 Litres;
  • Weight: 38.5kg;
  • Warranty: 2 Years;


If you have formal or ornamental lawns with very short, fine grasses, you should definitely consider a cylinder mower. They provide the best finish by far.

I recommend the Allett Liberty 43. It’s the top of the line in Allett’s cordless range of cylinder lawn mowers.

Powered by a 4Ah 40-volt Lithium-IOn battery, it takes around 100 minutes to charge and gives you around 40 minutes of run time. This is enough to mow a medium to large lawn.

The 43cm wide, 6-bladed cutting cylinder gives 79 cuts per meter. If this isn’t enough, you can upgrade the cylinder to a 10-bladed one to provide an even better finish.

You can also choose between 5 cutting heights which range from a super short, bowling green-like 6mm, up to a very pleasing 32mm.

The plastic grass box has a 62-litre capacity.

You’ll find no wheels on the Allett. Instead, it has two rollers;

  1. There’s the small front roller, behind which is a fixed grass rake which stands the grass up, right before it’s cut.
  2. The large rear roller makes the most beautiful lawn stripes. It’s also where the drive comes from with a geared differential for better turning and traction.

The drive comes from the rear roller and is variable in speed. And it’s not just a lawn mower.

Formal lawns take a lot of looking after so the Liberty 43 is an all-in-one lawn care machine. You can buy extra cartridges for scarifying, aerating de-thatching and verti-cutting.

This is one of the best cylinder lawnmowers I have ever had the pleasure of using. It’s a stroke of genius produces one of the best finishes you’re ever likely to see.

8. Stiga Multiclip 47 SQB Self Propelled Mulching Mower

Stiga Multiclip 47 SQB Self Propelled Mulching Mower
  • Power Type: 125cc petrol engine;
  • Cutting Width: 45cm;
  • Weight: 26kg;
  • Warranty: 5 Years;


If you consider yourself an organic gardener or disposing of grass clippings is a problem, the Stiga Multiclip 47 SQB is worth considering.

Instead of collecting the grass clippings, it double cuts them and blows them back into the turf. They then decompose and recycle nutrients back into the lawn.

The Stiga is a tank of a machine powered by a 125cc 450E Series Briggs & Stratton engine.

It has a 47cm cutting width and lack of grass collector makes it suitable for mowing large lawns up to 40% faster.

Mowing heights range from 30mm – 80mm. The lower setting produces an excellent finish on large family lawns and the higher setting makes blasting through meadows and paddocks very easy.

I have to admit, the self-drive does take a bit of getting used. Unlike most of the best self-propelled lawn mowers, the drive comes from the front wheels instead of the rear wheels. That said, when you do get used to it, it becomes incredibly manoeuvrable.

I would like the self-drive to have variable speed but it’s fixed at 2.5mph. You’ll either have to speed up or slow down to keep up with it.

Overall though, the Stiga Multiclip is fantastic.

Why Choose a Self Propelled Lawn Mower?

If you have medium or large lawns you might consider choosing a self-propelled lawn mower.

The bigger your lawn is, the bigger the mower you need and with size comes added weight – especially petrol mowers.

Even over a few hundred square meters, pushing a regular mower up and down can get tiresome and this is made worse if your lawns are sloped or have inclines.

The best self-propelled lawn mowers essentially drive themselves, removing the need for you to push them. Instead, you just need to concentrate on steering them.

Self-propelled mowers are also good for creating straight lawn stripes. Creating straight stripes with manual push mowers can be tricky but self-propelled machines naturally move in straight lines, producing a far neater finish.

When NOT to Choose a Self-Propelled Mower

If you have tiny, postage-stamp-sized lawns then they’re not a good idea.

Even the best self-propelled mower can be cumbersome to use as it pulls you across a tiny area. Turning and manoeuvring will feel like a wrestling match and it’ll be tiresome.


In Conclusion

I hope my list has helped you choose the best self-propelled lawn mower for you and your garden.

I’ve compared types of mower, price, features, ease of use and reliability to bring you my top 8 picks

Of course, there are thousands of modes on the market and I can’t possibly review them all.

I’m also aware that the bigger I make my list, the more confusing the choice becomes for you. So I’ve deliberately kept it fairly small.

Hopefully, there’s a model in this list for you.

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