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Buddleia Plant Care: How to Plant, Grow and Prune the Butterfly Bush

Over recent years the Buddleia plant has become a favourite amongst gardeners. In this guide, we take an in-depth look at Buddleia, or as it's otherwise known, the Butterfly Bush. Contents What is Buddleia? - Origin - Appearance - Preferred...
best electric lawn mower

Best Electric Lawn Mower: Reviews of My Top 5 Picks

In this article, I'm going to show you (what I think at least) is the best electric lawn mower, or lawn mowers. I've been cutting grass for more years than I care to count now...
best cordless lawn mower

Best Cordless Lawn Mower: Reviews of My Top 6 Battery Powered Mowers

In this article, we're going to look for the best cordless lawn mower. I'm going to review several models in this guide. Not only that, but we're also going to look at the pros and cons...
best petrol lawn mower for large gardens

Best Petrol Lawn Mower For Large Gardens: Reviews of My Top 6 Models

How do you find the best petrol lawn mower for large gardens when there are hundreds of models to choose from? Well, you don't have to. Having been in the lawn care game for more years...
best lawn edging ideas

5 of the Best Lawn Edging Ideas and Products For a Low Maintenance Lawn

Even the most beautiful, well cared for lawns are often let down by crooked, uneven or messy edging. Edging a lawn with edging shears or a half moon cutter is one of those things that...
winter lawn care

Winter Lawn Care: 6 Jobs to Look After Your Lawn in the Cold

As winter rolls around, grass stops growing so there really isn't a lot to do when it comes to the winter lawn care calendar. If you prepared your lawn in the autumn for the stresses...
spring lawn care

Spring Lawn Care: How to Help Your Lawn Recover From the Stresses of Winter

In this article, I have put together an actionable spring lawn care guide to show you how to help your lawn recover from the stresses of winter. Spring can be a busy time in the lawn...
water the lawn

Lawn Watering: Why, When and How to Water Grass

When the weather gets hot and dry, many people get the hosepipe out and water their lawns. Unfortunately, as simple as lawn watering is in practice, many lawn owners get it wrong. The result can...
dog urine killing grass

Dog Urine Killing the Grass? Here’s What to Do About It

We're a nation of dog lovers, but the damage they can do to our lawns (and garden in general) can be extensive. One of the most common causes of damage is dog urine killing the...
miner bees

Miner Bees in Your Lawn? What to Do About These Ground Nesting Bees

If you've spotted bees on your lawn or the 'soil volcanos' they leave behind, chances are you've got Miner Bees inhabiting your lawn. Do they sting? Will they ruin your lawn? Should you be worried? This article is...

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