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Best Petrol Lawn Mower: 7 of My Tops Picks Tested and Reviewed

By Tim Stephens

In this article, we’ll take a look at my tops picks for the best petrol lawn mower.

The term ‘best petrol mower’ means different things to different people, depending on their wants, needs and budget.

In that spirit, I’ve compared price, size, features, ease of use, and performance to bring you 7 of my top recommendations. So hopefully, you can find the best one for you.


mountfield sp41Mountfield SP41: My Top Pick For Most People

– Well Priced
– Reliable Engine
– Leaves an Excellent Cut

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Hyundai HYM400P Review
Hyundai HYM400P: A Very Decent, Cheap Option

– Very Cheap
– Well Reviewed by Users
– Lightweight

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Einhell GP-PM 46 ReviewEinhell GC-PM 46S: An Upgrade From the Hyundai

– Cheap, Self-Propelled Mower
– Large 46cm Cutting Width
– Robust Machine

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Hayter Harrier 48 ReviewHayter Harrier 48: A Brilliant Rotary Petrol Mower

– Award-Winning Lawn Mower
– Incredible Build Quality
– Delivers a Beautiful Striped finish

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Webb WERR17SP ReviewWebb WERR17SP: A Cheaper Alternative the Hayter Harrier

– High Quality, British Made
– Six Height Adjustments
– Creates a Very Nice, Striped Cut

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Honda IZY HRG 466 SK: Excellent Build Quality & Reliability

– Very Reliable
– Excellent Build Quality
– Durable

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Allett Classic Petrol Lawn Mower Review

Allet Classic 14L & 17L: A Must For Ornamental Lawns

– British Made and Very High Quality
– Ideal For Close Cutting
– Leaves the Most Beautiful Striped Cut

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Why Choose a Petrol Lawn Mower?

Many lawn mowers are going the same way as cars in that more and more and becoming battery powered. Despite that, lots of lawn owners still use petrol models, especially on larger lawns.

Battery-powered, or cordless lawn mowers have one big advantage over regular electric mowers and hover mowers. That’s the fact that they don’t have a cord that restricts them to a power source.

They work brilliantly on smaller to medium-sized lawns. However, batteries run out and need re-charging.

As such, if you have a larger area of grass to mow, a petrol lawn mower is your best option. It won’t be restricted by a power cord or a battery that needs recharging. As long as you’ve got petrol, you’re good to go.

Also, if you need the power to get through long, thick or damp grass, a petrol mower will give it to you. Cordless and electric models that have a tendency to cut out and give up when presented with that kind of challenge.

All that being said, petrol lawn mowers do come with their downsides too.

When You Might Not Choose a Petrol Mower

Firstly, compared to mechanical mowers and even electric and cordless models, petrol machines are noisy.

They can be heavy too. Although, some are self-propelled which means you don’t need to push them. You just guide them in the direction they need to go in.

Also, maintaining a petrol lawn mower is much more involved than maintaining other types.

For most lawn mowers, maintaining them just involves washing the grass and dirt off them and keeping the blade sharp.

However, there’s more to do with petrol machines.

For starters, with many petrol mowers, you need to change the oil after the first five hours of use. You’ll also need to do it again after each season.

Then there’s the spark plug and air filters which need changing from time to time.

On top of that, you’ll need to visit the petrol station with your fuel can whenever it needs fuel.

Despite all this, petrol lawn mowers are still the best choice for many lawn owners.


Petrol Lawn Mower Reviews: A Closer Look at My Top Picks

I’ve compared size, performance, features and cost to bring you my picks.

Read my mini-reviews below.

1. Mountfield SP41: The Best Petrol Mower For Most People

mountfield sp41 review

Key Features

Engine: 100cc, 4-stroke; Cutting Width: 39cm; Grass Box Capacity: 40 Litres; Weight: 20kg; Self-Propelled: Yes; Warranty: 2 Years;

If you need a mower to be easy to use, does a job well and is reliable, all without breaking the bank, then the Mountfield SP41 is an excellent choice.

It feels reassuringly well built and is powered by a very reliable (and quiet) 100cc OHC engine which started first time, every time in my tests.

Combine this with its 39cm cutting width and the fact that’s it’s a self-propelled mower and you’re easily able to tackle lawns of up to 400sq meters.

Most people’s lawns are smaller in size which is why I’ve awarded it the best petrol model for most people.

You get a range of 5 cutting heights to choose from and setting the height is easy.

How you deal with grass clippings is up to you. You can;

  1. Collect them in the 60-litre grass collector
  2. Discharge long grass from the rear

It won’t leave a striped finish as it doesn’t have a roller but still, the cut is very nice.

Overall, this mower offers very good value for money.

For more information, read my full Mountfield SP41 Review.

If you’re after a bigger version with more power and a mulching plug, read my Mountfield SP53H Review.


mountfield sp41Mountfield SP41

– Easy to Use
– Well Priced
– Reliable Engine
– Leaves an Excellent Cut

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2. Hyundai HYM400P-2: A Very Decent, Cheap Petrol Mower

a good, cheap petrol mower

Key Features

Engine: 99cc, 4-stroke; Cutting Width: 40cm; Grass Box Capacity: 40 Litres; Weight: 18.5kg; Self-Propelled: No; Warranty: 3 Years;

Whoever said petrol mowers had to be expensive?!

If on a fairly tight budget, then the Hyundai HYM400P gets my recommendation.

Of course, cheap products are rarely the best products and you can definitely say the same here because it’s not perfect.

However, it’s 99cc engine is easy to start and plenty powerful enough to tackle a garden of up to 400sq meters in size, provided they’re in semi-decent condition.

It has a 40cm cutting width and 7 cutting height adjustments which range from 25mm-75mm. That, combined with the 40-litre grass collector means you should be able to get through the job fairly quickly.

If your lawn resembles more of a paddock though, it’ll struggle.

At 18.5kg it’s lightweight and easy to manoeuvre too. Which is a good job because it’s a hand push mower and lacks the self-propelled features of other mowers in this list.

That being said, it’s reliable, easy to use and the cut is better than I expected.

Another big benefit is that it comes with a 3-year warranty which is pretty much unheard of for a mower of this price.

For more information, read my full Hyundai HYM400P-2 Review.


Hyundai HYM400P Review
Hyundai HYM400P

– Very Cheap
– Well Reviewed by Users
– Weighs just 18.5kg
– Leaves a Decent Cut

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3. Einhell GC-PM 46 S: A Very Good Upgrade to My Cheapest Pick

a good value for moey petrol mower

Key Features

Engine: 139cc, 4-stroke; Cutting Width: 46cm; Grass Box Capacity: 50 Litres; Weight: 34kg; Self-Propelled: Yes; Warranty: 2 Years;

If you can stretch your budget just a little bit, the Einhell GC-PM 46 S self-propelling petrol lawn mower is a much better machine than the Hyundai.

It’s larger and more powerful than in almost every way.

Firstly, it’s powered by an easy starting 139cc Briggs & Stratton 4-stroke engine that’ll cope much better when faced with wet or long grass.

It’s a self-propelled mower, driven by the rear wheels which can be disengaged if needed so you can use it like a push mower.

The cutting width is pretty wide at 46cm and it has nine height adjustments which range between 30mm to 80mm.

The powder-coated steel cutting deck makes it very robust and it’s reassuringly heavy at 34kg.

The self-drive is a little quick when working in tight spaces and disengaging the rear wheels makes it feel a bit heavy.

Overall though, it works well and offers excellent value for money.

For more information, read my full Einhell GC-PM 46 S Review.


Einhell GP-PM 46 ReviewEinhell GC-PM 46S

– Cheap, Self Propelled Model
– Large 46cm Cutting Width
– Robust Machine

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4. Hayter Harrier 48 (Code: 476A): A Brilliant Petrol Rotary Mower

the very best petrol mower

Key Features

Engine: 163cc, 4-stroke; Cutting Width: 48cm; Grass Box Capacity: 70 Litres; Weight: 44kg; Self-Propelled: Yes; Warranty: 5 Years;

If you care a lot for your lawn and creating the most vivid striped finish is important to you, the Hayter Harrier 48 is one of the best petrol rotary mowers you can buy.

This particular model has been updated and improved from previous versions.

It’s powered by a 163cc 675iS Briggs & Stratton powerplant which features ReadyStart® technology that makes starting it very easy. Just press the starter button and off you go.

It’s quiet too thanks to a ‘performance muffler’ designed for low noise operation.

A 48cm cutting width and massive 70-litre grass collector makes it suitable for medium or larger areas and with a 7-stage height adjustment, it’ll cut from 60mm right down to 13mm.

As you’d expect, this is a self-propelled mower fitted with Hayter’s ‘AutoDrive’ technology. The drive comes from the split differential, ribbed roller for better traction and turning. This is also what creates beautifully striped grass which the Hayter Harrier is well known for.

Also, the cutting deck is wider than the wheelbase. This means you can mow right over the edges of your lawn without worrying about scalping it.

The ability to change the ground speed between 1.8mph-3.3mph means you can set it to suit your preferred walking speed.

Plus, it has an easy wash port so you can attach your hosepipe and spin the blades. It essentially washes itself.

The only thing missing which would make it perfect is the capability of mulching grass cuttings.

But I suppose we can’t have everything.

All this comes with the peace of mind of a 5-year warranty.

For a more detailed review, read my full Hayter Harrier 48 Review.


Hayter Harrier 48 ReviewHayter Harrier 48 (Code: 476A)

– An Award-Winning Machine
– Incredible Build Quality
– Delivers a Beautiful Striped Finish

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5. Webb WERR17SP ‘Supreme’: A Very Good, Cheaper Alternative to the Hayter Harrier

a very good petrol lawn mower for leaving stripes

Key Features

Engine: 140cc, 4-stroke; Cutting Width: 43cm; Grass Box Capacity: 55 Litres; Weight: 32kg; Self-Propelled: Yes; Warranty: 2 Years;

If the Hayter Harrier is too big and too expensive, take a look at the Webb WERR17SP.

It’s smaller in pretty much every way but it costs less than half that of the Hayter. That said, it has many of the same features, including the ability to mulch grass clippings which the Hayter lacks.

And like the Hayter, it’s British made!

It’s a self-propelled, rotary mower powered by an ever so reliable Briggs & Stratton 140cc 500e series recoil start engine which is supremely easy to start. It’s also quiet thanks to its ‘LO-TONE’ muffler.

The 43cm cutting width is plenty wide enough. It also has six cutting height levels which range from 23mm to 77mm which you can adjust using the big lever to the left of the grass collector.

Talking of the grass collector, it weighs in at 55-litres, making it suitable for medium to larger lawns. Due to its design, it’s perfect for collecting fallen leaves off the lawn during the autumn instead of using a garden vac.

The Webb has 3 ways of dealing with grass so you can deal with the variable changes during the growing season;

  1. It can collect it via the grass collector
  2. You can remove it and discharge it out of the back, or
  3. You can mulch it and blow the tiny, nutrient-rich pieces back into the turf

If you like the stripy finish when cutting the grass, this lawn mower will give it to you. It has a power-driven split roller that makes manoeuvring it easier.

Like the Hayter, the cutting deck is wider than the wheelbase. This means you can roll right over the edges of your lawn without having to worry about scalping them.

The assembly instructions aren’t very easy to follow but once you get past that and get it working, the Webb WERR17SP is an excellent mower.

Overall, it offers fantastic value if the Hayter is a little much.

For more information, read my full WEBB WERR17SP Review.


Webb WERR17SP ReviewWebb WERR17SP

– High Quality, British Made
– Six Height Adjustments
– Creates a Very Nice, Striped Finish

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6. Honda IZY HRG 466 SK: Best For Reliability and Build Quality

honda IZY HRG 466 SK

Key Features

Engine: 160cc, 4-stroke; Cutting Width: 46cm; Grass Box Capacity: 55 Litres; Weight: 32kg; Self-Propelled: Yes; Warranty: 5 Years;

If you’re in the market for a petrol mower that’ll really stand the test of time, the Honda IZY HRG 466 SK is a cracker.

It’s powered by Honda’s GCV160 overhead valve, 4-stroke power plant which, like all Honda engines, has a reputation for incredible reliability.

Starting it is easy and just keeps going and going.

The mower itself is incredibly well built while at the same time, being lightweight enough to manoeuvre easily. Of course, the self-drive helps out here.

It features a pressed steel, powder-coated cutting deck which is resistant to corrosion and UV abrasion.

Mowing features include a 46cm cutting blade in combination with a large 55-litre grass collector and a range of cutting heights, ranging from 20mm – 74mm.

It is fairly expensive when compared to other mowers but in my opinion, it’s definitely an investment worth making. Like I said, it’ll keep on keeping on when other mowers break down.

For more detailed information, read my Honda IZY HRG 466 SK Review.


Honda IZY HRG 466 SK

– Very Reliable
– Excellent Build Quality
– Durable

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7. Allett Classic Review (14L & 17L): The Best Lawn Mower For Ornamental Lawns

Allett Classic 14L Review

Key Features

Engine: 87cc, 4-stroke; Cutting Width: 35cm / 43cm; Grass Box Capacity: 32 Litres / 40 Litres; Weight: 38kg / 41.5kg; Self-Propelled: Yes; Warranty: 1 Year;

The Allett Classic 14L isn’t for everyone.

Not only because it’s pretty expensive but because we don’t all have a formal garden with ornamental lawns that we dedicate all our time to.

However, if you do have an ornamental lawn made up of the finest grass types, then no other type of lawn mower will give a finish like a cylinder mower.

Like the Hayter and Webb mowers I reviewed earlier, Allett lawn mowers are British Made.

That means they’re excellent quality and this is evident as soon as you unpack it.

The power comes from an easy to start Loncin 87cc, four-stroke engine with recoil start which is air-cooled to prevent overheating.

You have 5 stages of height adjustment which means you can cut as close as 6mm and as high as 32mm for that bowling green finish.

This finish is achieved by the 5 bladed cutting cylinder which delivers 66 cuts per meter.

Another nice feature of the Allett Classic is that the cutting cylinder is a ‘Quick Cartridge’. This means you can easily remove it for cleaning but also to replace it with a scarifier cartridge (sold separately). There is also a single height adjustment for scarifying your lawn.

The smaller Allett comes with a 32-litre capacity grass box and the larger, model has a capacity of 40 litres.

As you’d expect for the cost, this is a self-propelled lawn mower.

It has two rollers, a polyethene roller on the front as well as steel roller at the rear. It’s these rollers that give your lawn the most beautiful striped finish.

It would be nice if the rear roller was split. This would improve its manoeuvrability. But really, it’s easy enough to manoeuver anyway.

You’ll also need a funnel to fill the engine with oil, otherwise, you’ll get it everywhere.

It’s a pretty expensive machine. But, if you invest your time, money and energy into an ornamental lawn, you need a lawn mower that’ll do the job right.

The Allett Classic will do it.

For more detailed information, read my Allett Classic Review.


Allett Classic Petrol Lawn Mower Review
Allet Classic 14L & 17L

– British Made and Very High Quality
– Ideal For Close Cutting
– Leaves the Most Beautiful Striped Finish

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